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     Travertine, a type of limestone, can be left in its natural state, with no polishing. Travertine is a sedimentary rock formed from calcareous remains of plants and animals or precipitated from solution. It is natural Calcium Carbonate (CaCO3) and will yield lime when heated. Varies in hardness. Etched by acids. Porous with many visible holes, often filled with epoxy. Polishing powders tend to accumulate in the holes and can make clean-up difficult. Because it is soft and has epoxy-filled holes, it should never be cleaned at pressures above 800 PSI and then only if the grout and the epoxy filling are in good condition.

    Travertine is one of several natural stones that are used for paving patios and garden paths. It is sometimes known as travertine limestone and as travertine marble. The stone is characterised by pitted holes and troughs in its surface. It comes in a variety of colors from grey to coral-red. Travertine is most commonly available in tile sizes for floor installations.

    Travertine is etched by acids, including soft drinks and juice. Acid-based cleaning chemicals can also etch. Absorbs oils and other liquids and is more easily stained than marble. Therefore, putting Travertine in a kitchen or heavily used bathroom is not a good idea. Travertine should only be cleaned with a neutral or mild alkaline-based cleaner.

    Travertine can be used for countertops but it's not recommended. It is easy to scratch and etch. It works well for flooring, accessories and smaller spaces. This stone seems to open up small areas and makes them feel more spacious and airy. The surface finishes for travertine stone vary. Not all travertines are capable of the polished high gloss finish - only the harder types. This stone will never achieve the same glossy finish as marble. and granite will.

    Travertine can have four major finishes: polished (shiny), honed (matte), brushed and tumbled (textured surfaces). The type of finish given to the travertine will determine how shiny the surface will be. The most common finish for travertine is honed.

  • Travertine Repair and Refinishing / City of Orange / Orange County

    Need A little bit BIT OF TLC?  
    natural stone specialists at Pacific Floor Care can clean, repair, hone, polish and seal your travertine floors and have them hunting sensational in no time.

    Just a little BIT ABOUT TRAVERTINE
    is often a stone of option for home or organization owners, because it adds antique elegance and appeal to any space. That antique elegance might be diminished without experienced care and maintenance. Pacific Floor Care in Orange, CA can resolve any challenges with travertine and provide common maintenance services to keep it looking fantastic each of the time.

    Travertine finishes,
    no matter if honed (matte finish) or polished finish, will from time for you to time require honing to take away scratches and etching. Travertine also needs to be sometimes re-polished and sealed. You could count on Pacific Floor Care for all of your travertine cleaning, honing, polishing, sealing, or custom-finishing demands.

    Travertine Holes Repaired

    Travertine has naturally-occurring holes.
    You will find two various approaches to this exceptional travertine function.

    Filled Travertine

    Filled travertine
    includes a smooth finish, because the holes are filled with color-matched epoxy or polyester, then the surface is honed or polished. These holes often turn out to be exposed with standard use. We can repair these holes and make your travertine look new again.

    Unfilled Travertine

    Unfilled travertine is
    best for house or business owners who prefers a more rustic look. Nonetheless, dirt, grime, and bacteria can gather in the holes of unfilled travertine. We are able to take away these contaminants for you personally.

    Our travertine
    solutions consist of:
    Etch Removal
    Chip and Crack Repair
    Filling Holes
    Refinishing (Polishing and Honing)
    With our
    expert solutions, your travertine floors, showers, countertops, and other surfaces can always appear brand new, clean, and lovely. Make contact with us on the internet or contact (714) 451-4644 now to for a totally free estimate.