• Slate Tile Floor Cleaning and Sealing


    Slate is a strong metamorphic rock that is formed by mudstone, shale, and basalt under low pressure and mild heat. Its coloring, usually black, grey, or green, is dependent upon its concentration of iron. This also reflects whether it is a “hard” Slate or a “soft” Slate. Its unique appearance has made it a mainstay in homes across America, while its durability has been relied upon on construction sites for hundreds of years. Slate does not absorb a lot of water, making it great for roofing tiles – though this stone appears wet when exposed to the sun. This same reason is why it has found usage as a trusted floor tile in Huntington Beach for years. In the U.S., the Slate industry is primarily located in Huntington Beach, both areas abundant with the stone since the early 19th century when it was first mined.

    Because of Slate’s natural qualities, it has found usage on roofs, floors, countertops, chalkboards, and a versatile range of applications for aesthetic and operational purposes. Slate can be cut into thin strips while maintaining its integrity, unlike many other types of stone. The methods used to create Slate require precision; it is a very difficult stone to extract from its natural setting.

    Slate’s appearance, durability, and ability to withstand water absorption have made it very important for homes and construction sites across America. Because of the level of detail necessary to get a piece of Slate, it has become a much sought after stone by homeowners looking for a beautiful piece of added protection for their roofs or a lasting solution for their floor.

    Pacific Stone Care uses up-to-date equipment and Slate techniques to deliver beautiful results and get your home or business to look shiny and new while adding a trusted layer of protection. 

    Pacific Stone Care uses the latest equipment and up to date Slate Restoration techniques to deliver beautiful results and get your home or business to look shiny and new.