Our process stands by  the absolute Very best effects in stone restoration, our approach will deliver out the most beneficial your stone must offer. The next is descriptions with the approach we now have designed, that has a in depth description of all are the needed steps to adhere to in an effort to get the absolute greatest effects

    Also known as resurfacing, Restoration Is probably the most typical providers completed to Organic stone recommended to cut back etches scratches stains or lack of luster as a consequence of continual use and targeted visitors the principle step Becoming Diamond sanding with diverse Grits or density of Diamond Pads.

    Safeguard all delicate areas
    Deep Scrubbing And Sanitizing with Ph. Neutral Cleaner
    Resurface with Diamond Pads to Take out Scratches and etching
    Hand Brush Grout to reduce impurities(above all70-80% improvement guaranteed)
    Polish to a travertine Finish
    Applications of Permeating Sealer

    This approach ensures the most effective success to restore limestone, sandstone restoration marble restoration, travertine resurfacing, granite stain and scratch elimination, and much more For any absolutely free consultation to determine the demands of the stone.