Flagstone – Cleaning, Coating & Restoration

    It’s crucial that you note that “flagstone” is not really one certain kind of stone, but rather the type or pattern of the particular installation. Stones which are most typically lower into flagstones include slate, bluestone, quartzite, limestone, or sandstone. The flagstones themselves are commonly 3/8” and 1” in thickness and can be found in cleft and honed finishes. Interior flagstones may perhaps also be provided a polished finish, but exterior ones generally are not. Flagstones as a entire are fairly resilient, but some stones are, of course tougher than other folks. A extensive information from the compositions and prerequisites of specific stone kinds is the advantages of possessing our specialist technicians care for your flagstone surfaces.

    Pacific can resolve any problems connected together with your flagstone surfaces, this kind of as moss and mold, efflorescence, pitting and flaking, scratches or other injuryWe are able to also apply shade enhancing or topical sealers to realize the finish you wish.

    Because exterior flagstones are usually exposed to all sorts of conditions, including wet ones, it could be a good idea to have your flagstone set up sealed to help prevent the damage that can be caused by excessive moisture. Sealing your interior flagstone is definitely recommended since, indoors or out, sealing can inhibit staining. Not only can flagstone installations be sealed, they can even be color-enhanced to make the natural colors of your flagstone emerge more vibrantly.

    The majority of flagstone installations are outdoors, and as such they are exposed to all kinds of dirt, grime and contaminants, including things like moss and mold growth. Pacific has the expertise and experience to thoroughly clean and restore your flagstone surfaces to like-new or better condition.