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    Our custom ABRASIVE Approach beats the normal travertine honing course of action provided by other stone-floor-care services: The Power Clean System has been specifically developed for Travertine. We do not rely on just the regular materials and procedures that our competitors use. We’ve tested standard abrasives, powders, and tools which might be readily obtainable for Marble. We discovered that simply because it says around the label it functions for Marble does not imply it will create a good outcome for travertine. Our concentrate has always been to create the best system for travertine’s precise characteristics.

    Travertine density and porosityTravertine is very equivalent to a sponge in that it truly is a like a stack of bubbles. The density with the stone will depend on how much stone versus the quantity of air pockets. Our custom abrasive method is capable to smooth the surface from the stone which reduces surface location.

    Our technique is capable to finish the stone without opening up air pockets underneath the surface. If you look in the surface with the travertine tile under a microscope it would look like a crystalline forest. All of those tiny trees are like straws which will present millions of tiny pathways in to the stone. We are actually sealing off the stone during the finishing procedure by minimizing the surface location.

    Less surface region signifies much less pores. Our custom abrasive procedure starts this sealing approach by closing off the pathways liquids need to get in to the stone. As finishing progresses, the stone becomes far more reflective. As a stone becomes more reflective it is actually becoming closed off by the reduction of surface region.

    “Honing” is actually a term that’s normally applied (and misused) inside the travertine flooring market. Find out extra about honing right here.