Should you have white residue on your stone, here are a few recommendations and tricks for identifying the lead to and possibly removing it.


    Very first, take a close look. When the substance may be scraped into shavings, it might be an accumulation of cosmetics, soaps, cleaning solutions, or challenging water build up. If it can be powdery, then it is actually most likely efflorescence.


    Accumulation of Cosmetics, Soaps, or Cleaning Goods


    Here’s a fast and effortless test can inform you irrespective of whether the white residue in your stone is an accumulation of cosmetics, soaps, or cleaning products. Use a nylon pan scraper or maybe a razor blade to carefully scrape the residue. If it might be easily removed, then you definitely are dealing with dried items on the stone. The shavings will either be soapy when water is introduced or smeary or oily if it can be conditioner, lotions, or hair therapies.


    Hard Water Develop Up


    Like the test above, difficult water deposits is usually scraped away, but only with significantly extra difficulty.




    The superior news about efflorescence is that the majority of the time, it is actually a minor inconvenience which will be remedied without needing to replace the stone. When moisture evaporates in the stone, it leaves behind salts and minerals. The stone will must be periodically professionally cleaned, but eventually all the moisture will dissipate and also the efflorescence problem will disappear.


    The negative news is the fact that each and every now then, efflorescence is just the visible symptom of a much larger dilemma underneath the stone – moisture within the substrate. An experienced stone restoration contractor can determine whether the stone can be restored or if it is going to need to be replaced.


    Getting rid of the Residue


    If you’d like to try to eliminate solution residue or difficult water develop up oneself, spray the stone with a pH-neutral, stone-safe cleaner and permit ample dwell time for you to soften the residue. Then using gentle pressure as well as a white Scotch Brite pad or perhaps a Dobie pad, clean the stone. In the event you see a difference, then you definitely should be able to rinse and repeat this cleaning procedure until all of the residue is removed.